PokeFest SA 2020!

Friday July 17 + Saturday July 18

Norris Conference Centers
San Antonio

618 Northwest Loop 410 #207, San Antonio, TX 78216

Brought to you by dedicated trainers, just like you. The perfect addition to your summer vacation!

Ages 6 & Under FREE
We pride ourselves in bringing together the most memorable anime convention experience by inviting guests to enjoy our exclusive industry guests from your favorite 90s anime TV shows and movies!
Enjoy console gaming on Nintendo Switch, PS4, plus LIVE tournaments and learning workshops like cosplay 101. Since 2016 we’ve worked to offer the best experience for our attendees, guests, and staff.
We are proud to always have our attendees and safety in mind to ensure we have the best J-style anime convention experience possible.

PokeFest SA: Event Rules & Info
updated 11/11/19

General Rules

  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Only service animals are allowed (no pets please).
  • No running or horse playing allowed.
  • Weapons, illegal or legal are not allowed in or around the convention.
  • All staff, guests, and attendees may not engage in any activities that are prohibited by law.
  • All attendees must obtain a badge for the convention. Badges must be visible and worn at all times.
  • Sleeping at the convention is not allowed.
  • Shoes are mandatory.

Props Policy

  • Wooden swords, bats, prop canes, staffs, etc: permitted, and all props/weapons must be checked into the safety desk upon entering the convention, or (in the case of a Dealer’s Room purchase) right after you finish your transaction. Realistic looking weapons will not be allowed.
  • Any and all LIVE Weapons are NOT allowed. This includes individuals who possess a weapons permit, or a concealed weapons permit.
  • Live steel is not allowed in the convention space. This includes blades, blunt objects, etc…
  • If Safety decides a prop/weapon is too dangerous you will be asked to return the item to your room/car. If you take this as a mere suggestion, you will be expelled from the convention without refund.
  • No swinging, play fighting (unarmed included), or throwing of props/weapons will be permitted.
  • Real Guns: guns and other firearms are not permitted. No exceptions, even if you have a concealed carry license.
  • Realistic ammunition and other realistically-colored weapons (ie: grenades): no live or spent ammunition, shells , or explosive incendiary devices.
  • Whips: allowed, must be kept on the hip at all times.

Health & Courtesy

  • If you have a history of seizures, asthma, or heart attack, the heat and flashing lights may trigger attacks.
  • Harrassment will not be tolerated.
  • Stay well hydrated by drinking water or Gatorade, not soda and Ramune!
  • Don’t forget to eat a proper meal!
  • If you are asked for a photo (because of your awesome cosplay), please make sure to move out of the flow of traffic. Blocking hallways/walkways is a violation of the fire safety regulations and you will be asked to move.
  • Leave the judging to the judges.
  • Remember we are here to have a good time and be respectful.

Bag Policy & Dress Code

  • Allowed Bags: Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags, Diaper Bags, Poster Bags, Portfolio Carriers, Backpacks
  • This is a family-friendly convention, please try to keep it as PG as possible. Excessively revealing clothing or costumes will not be permitted. Private areas must be covered with opaque (solid) cloth at all times. Guests in excessively revealing attire will be asked to change.
  • For cosplayers, make sure your costume does not contour to private body parts. If it does, please wear extra undergarments as necessary.
  • Men must also wear proper undergarments (this includes dance belts where applicable).
  • If your costume requires a lot of exposed skin, consider wearing a nude bodysuit.
  • Ice skates (with or without the guards) are not allowed as either shoes OR props.
  • No regular skates or roller blades allowed inside the convention space.
  • Shoes may be removed for photo shoots only, and must be worn at all other times. Socks do not count as shoes. A sturdy covering on the bottom of your foot is a must.
  • Costumes that can be confused with local, state, or federal law enforcement of any kind are not allowed.
  • No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing.
  • Grossly offensive outfits, uniforms, or any cosplay with the intention of being of heavy shock value will be asked to change out or risk expulsion from the convention.
  • No accessories that you could use to attach yourself, even temporarily, to another person are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: handcuffs, leashes, ropes, etc.
  • There is no profanity allowed on costumes or clothing during the convention.
  • If a complaint is received about your costume or outfit the matter will be investigated and you may be asked to change.
  • Make sure all pointy objects have been dulled/blunted so as not to cause harm to others.
  • If wearing a large costume with wings or other large pieces that extend beyond your reach, are difficult to retract, or impair your vision then make sure you have a handler or two to assist you and/or be more aware of your surroundings.
  • Make sure you get cool air or ventilation while cosplaying.
  • If you are concerned about if your costume meets the convention regulations, please email info@pokefestsa.com. See the image below for clothing coverage guidelines.